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Les Midis d’ARTS²: your musical break at the Arsonic!

The 2022-2023 season ends on a high note with the elegance of the violin. Violinist Kremena Oksenkrug offers you a 100% Vivaldi program with students from her violin class at ARTS² and the baroque ensemble Cappella Conventi!

Specialist of the baroque repertoire, Kremena Nikolova is artistic director of the international music festival “San Martino a Natale” in Venice and teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Mons. Critically acclaimed for her musical expressiveness, she prepares a brilliant program for you in the company of her students!

Kremena Oksenkrug and the baroque ensemble Cappella Conventi

Kremena Oksenkrug, violin

Violin: Gleb Chanyshev-Gladkov, Rinat Iliasov, Valeria Kravtsova, Kateryna Lastochkina, Mariam Arif and Leonid Cherniavsky

Viola: Sofia Pérez Calvo, Quentin Brouette

Cello: Alexander Pavlyuchenkov, Jihye Hong

Théorbo: Fabrice Holvoet

Harpsichord: Jonathan-Jefferson Bridoux

Tue 16.05.23 – 12.15pm

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