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Violino d’AMore 
Vivaldi/Sardelli/Bersanetti/Martynov VIOLIN CONCERTOS 
Kremena Nikolova /Oksenkrug/ violin/Vivaldi Society


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Produced by NovAntiqua Records|Recorded and mixed at Basement Studio Vicenza|Mastered by Federico Pelle


Music that talks… 

I have always been incredibly fascinated by the music of Antonio Vivaldi, but there are some of his works that impress me in a special way, I would even say… magical. ‘Violino d’AMore’ is a result of experiences, impressions and research that I have done over many years. I have always thought that the only way to convey my passion to everyone who listens to this CD is to choose the right pieces that are unique for me and that bring me truly intense and sincere emotions. The three concertos by Vivaldi for Signora Anna Maria (RV393, RV248, RV387) are exactly the kind of masterpieces that enter under the skin and remain there forever… With this project I intended to pay tribute to the figure of the woman, the active, beloved, talented woman…the Muse. 
My purpose, making this recording is also to contribute to the creation, publication and presentation of new musical works. I refer concretely to those that are in Baroque style. I believe that it is a universal language, flexible and open to new content, suitable to be reinserted in the circuit of contemporary ideas, in a new breath. 
The three composers presented in the project ‘Violino d’AMore’ are incredibly talented and their work is a strong proof, at international level, that confirms the contemporaneity of the baroque spirit expressed in a new form addressed to the present and to the future. The music of Federico Maria Sardelli, Anton Martynov and Gianluca Bersanetti already has a large and enthusiastic audience in France, Italy, Holland, Finland, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Brazil, USA, Australia and Turkey. 
In a world where music is often left to chance and to electronics, it is still possible to build original pieces through musical means already consolidated over time. My wish is to present quality new music that is listenable to, has the audience’s attention and an emotional capacity that makes it alive. I am convinced that ‘classical music’ should not only be reserved for a public of sophisticated specialists. Beware of the semantic and expressive changes in the contemporary era, I believe in a musical concept that is closer to our time, but does not give up the excellent quality and coherence with our cultural heritage. Beautiful music is what is liked instinctively, not necessarily related to established patterns or prejudices. 
As a musician, I only could be grateful for the honour and pleasure that I am allowed to give the very first performances of these three beautiful virtuoso works which were dedicated to me. I have put all my heart into this recording especially because I admire those who are able to express themselves with talent, competence, poetry and refinement. These pieces remind me how much beauty has been conceived in the past and allow me to contribute to a future in which it can still be a fundamental value. K.O.


”In this recording we find not only incredible technical soundness, but the domination of the instrument and the knowledge of what is to be faced in terms of interpretation. Here, is requested even a greater quality, the ability to enhance the works that stand on a delicate sound balance, built on a very thin relationship between soloist and orchestra. It is here that the young Bulgarian violinist demonstrates her being an all-round musician, in which the virtuosity does not become a sterile demonstration of skill, but the source of a passionate, sensitive reading, full of the best baroque violin tradition. This flattering result Kremena Oksenkrug reaches thanks to the harmony and ductility demonstrated by the Vivaldi Society orchestral ensemble, directed by the violinist herself, which has proved to be a compact formation, able to guarantee a homogeneous, solid and delicate sound…”



*International Classical Music Awards 2018 Nomination




Produced by NovAntiqua Records|Recorded and mixed at Basement Studio Vicenza|Mastered by Federico Pelle


MUSIC FOR TWO is an innovative CD recording project, consisting of several albums, of which two are already released, combining baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary music. A project, that is expressed through virtuoso works for two violins. The music for two violins without accompaniment enters a bit like a joke and like something completely new in the repertory of violinists Anton Martynov and Kremena Oksenkrug. Up from the very beginning, the project has been accepted extremely enthusiastically by the public and illustrious musicians. After the first performances in the prestigious “Le Printemps du Violon” festival in Paris in March 2016 too often appear in the reviews passages as “…you definetely have to record this”, “… I have never heared such a symbiosis between two performers ” ”… they are two perfectly matched parts,” remarking that the interpretation of both musicians possesses a special unknown power, which enchants in a unique way.

A curious fact is, that the new compositions in every CD are in the form of suites with different movements with dancing character and the final of each one is an unusual musical surprise inspired by the traditional music of many countries.
In the first volume is Switzerland with the “Bärner Tanz”, while in the second is the turn of Bulgaria and the virtuoso “Barocianiza”.

MUSIC FOR TWO is regularly broadcasted in European radio programs (France Musique, Radio Clasique, Venice Classic Radio, Rete Top etc.). The recordings are made in Vicenza, at one of the most renowned studios: Basement Studio with the amazing sound engeneer Federico Pelle.

CDs are distributed in Italy, France, Germany and Austria and throught the internet platforms – all around the world.
In the concert version, the program was successfully performed in Italy, France, Bulgaria, Slovenia during important and prestigious festivals.


“It’s really wonderful, teriffic recording!’’

Ivry Gitlis Violinist

“In this rare repertoire for two violins, Anton Martynov and Kremena Oksenkrug accomplish a pure miracle: they succeed to capture the very spirit of the music while dissimulating to the listener’s ears the prodigious difficulties they so brilliantly master together. What better tribute could have been paid to the memory of Jean-Marie Leclair?”
Yves Kerbiriou Musical critic (France)

 ”When I’ve got ‘Music for two’ CD to listen to, I put it in the car CD player and didn’t take it out for over a month – must have listened to it atleast 30 times from beginning to end! It’s so full of inventiveness and inspiration that it still sounds fresh on each new hearing. The sound recording is excellent too, giving the impression of being right next to their violins – everything is clear, dynamic and full of life. And, as ever, Anton Martynov’s music is genius. Can’t wait to hear volume 2!”
Marcus Price pianist (UK) 

”How great ‘’Music for two’’ is! I am listening to it all the time in the car and I love it!  It’s wonderful playing and wonderful music. It’s very special and I hear new things every time”
Lyda Chen Argerich violist (Switzerland)

”There’s numerous good violinists and I appreciate their value to the music industry very much, I love to hear a violin played, but then… there’s a small number of violinists who bring out the very best of their instruments and it’s the sweetest notes, straight from Heaven’s orchestra ! Anton Martynov and Kremena Nikolova have a perfect underdtanding with their violins and they respond with lovely sounds…”
Teresa Mealer Tutor to Symphony Conductors (USA)